Thank you for using the services of TUETUE Shop (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"). The Company will provide convenient transactions for members in accordance with the following Member Service Terms (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms"). In order to protect your rights and interests, please read the Terms carefully. When you register as a member of the Company or start using the services, it is deemed that you have read, understood, and agreed to accept all the contents of the Terms and the "Privacy Policy," and it is deemed that you have confirmed and agreed to the Personal Data Protection Notice and Consent.

If you do not agree to all or part of the Terms, please do not register and immediately stop using the services. The specific contents of the Terms are as follows:

▼ Member Information

  1. Before using the services, you must provide correct personal information and join as a member of the Company, without having to pay any fees; after joining, you can use the services and participate in activities related to the services. If there is any change in personal information, please update it immediately to protect your rights. If the member fails to update the personal information correctly and fails to receive the member benefits, consumption discounts, activity content, etc. sent by the Company, or changes or terminates the member benefits, consumption discounts, and activity content, the member agrees that in this case, it is deemed that the member has received such information or notification.

  2. To join as a member, please click on the member login icon in the upper right corner to enter and complete the registration.

  3. Please log in as a member at checkout, or you can also log in quickly using Facebook or Google.

▼ Product Information Consumers who purchase products from "TUETUE Shop" are entitled to relevant after-sales service rights. If you purchase products from other channels outside the Company, please consult the original purchase channel for return and exchange, and after-sales service.

  1. The pictures shown are only the product prototypes, and there may be slight differences from the final finished products. If there are any changes in the product details during the supervision process, no separate notice will be given.

  2. This product is mass-produced, and part of it is manually colored, so there may be individual differences in the final finished product, which are not within the scope of return and exchange for defects.

  3. The props appearing in the actual photos are not included in this pre-order range, please refer to the actual product.

  4. Pre-ordered products are made based on the pre-order quantity, and orders will not be accepted after the pre-order period ends. Placing an order is deemed as agreeing to the product purchase notice for pre-ordered products.

  5. The expected shipping time may be delayed due to manufacturing or logistics factors. Please refer to the shipping announcement on the official website for the actual shipping time.

  6. For products in the pending shipping process, if there is a need to change the shipping address, store, etc. due to any reason, please contact the TUETUE Shop customer service for assistance.

  7. The products on this platform are not suitable for use by children under 3 years old, and sharp objects should be avoided to prevent choking.

  8. Due to the volume restrictions of the products, there may be restrictions on the quantity of purchase depending on the product. Please refer to the "Product Details" on the product order page.

  9. For overseas areas, to ensure that the products are delivered to you intact, DHL will be used for shipping, and the shipping fee includes fuel surcharges. Our products are duty-free in most countries and regions, but due to different regulations in various countries and regions, additional customs duties may be charged by the local government at the time of delivery, depending on your region.

▼ Contact Information for Returns and Exchanges Official Customer Service Email:

▼ Shipping and Return Policy

  1. You will receive an email notification when the product is shipped.

  2. You can check the order status in the [Order Inquiry] in the member information. After the product starts shipping, the logistics tracking number will be provided in the order. You can copy this logistics tracking number and check the delivery status on the shipping logistics website you selected for further details.

  3. Shipping in Taiwan a. Convenience store and home delivery shipping dates are on national working days from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). b. Shipping methods include home delivery and convenience store pickup (7-11, Family Mart). Please write your full real name when placing an order and pay attention to the arrival SMS. Please pick up the goods within seven days after arrival. If the shipping fee is lost due to failure to pick up the goods without reason, the customer will bear it.

  4. Shipping in overseas areas DHL shipping. If the shipping fee is lost due to failure to pick up the goods without reason, the customer will bear it.

  5. The expected arrival date of the product is only an estimate, and the actual arrival date may be different due to various factors. The purchaser cannot cancel the order, request a refund, or return the goods due to delayed arrival. If the original factory production is delayed or other factors cause the delay in arrival, no separate notice will be given. For inquiries about product shipping, please contact customer service.

  6. The Company will conduct quality checks before shipping the products. If you still have questions about the products after receiving them, please immediately record the product issues by video or photo after receiving the goods, and contact us via email, providing "Order Information" and "Order Number" for customer service to confirm and follow up.

  7. Pre-ordered products only provide the service of replacing defective products (except for products that cannot be replaced). The returned products must be restored to their original condition when you received them (including the main body, accessories, inner and outer packaging, gifts, etc.). If there is any incomplete situation, the return and exchange service will not be accepted.

  8. For partially returned orders: the actual refund amount will be deducted from the shipping fee.

  9. If you have obtained an electronic invoice, it will be invalidated after we receive the returned goods.

  10. If the product is not picked up and returned overdue, or if the name does not match the ID and cannot be picked up, please contact our customer service personnel within 45 days from the shipping announcement to assist in handling.

  11. For products not picked up overdue, the Company will keep them for you for 45 days. If the retention period is exceeded, it will be considered as automatically giving up the order goods, and the Company will not be responsible for storing the goods. The Company will make arrangements for the goods. If you have any objections or need to postpone the pickup, please raise it in advance.

◎ If the product has the following situations, your return and refund application will not be accepted:

  1. The product is stained with makeup, paint, stains, or has been washed.

  2. The product page clearly states that the product cannot be returned.

  3. The customer has used the product, significantly reducing the value of the product.

  4. The original accessories, packaging, and gifts of the product are incomplete.

※ Please note! The appreciation period is not a trial period, but for your reference, viewing, and comparison. If the product has been used or due to human factors, it will not be accepted for return and exchange after confirmation.

★ Encountering product problems:

If you have any product problems, please first send your order number and product photos to the official customer service email:, and the customer service staff will confirm and follow up for you.

▼ Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I pay?

A: In Taiwan, you can choose to pay by credit card or ATM virtual account transfer.      Overseas customers can pay by credit card or UnionPay card.

Q: How long will it take for pre-ordered products to arrive?

A: The product information column has announcements, and you can also check the shipping announcements on the official community.

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